Cortaflex - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am not good at swallowing capsules so I can't take Cortaflex: can I?

A. For most people it is easy to swallow the capsule whole with a little water but you can easily pull the capsule apart and sprinkle/mix the contents onto any food. The capsule is just a "container", is made of cellulose and can simply be discarded.

Q2. Is Cortaflex a drug?

A. No. Cortaflex is categorised as a dietary supplement and contains only natural amino acids and saccharides which are already present in your body. These special amino acids are organic compounds which combine together to form the building blocks of a range of proteins which the body uses to rebuild good cartilage, connective tissue and synovial fluid (joint oil) which all help to maintain healthy, pain free joints. If you want to read a scientific explanation of all this, take deep breath, and have a look at this Wikipedia article about Amino Acids! Saccharides are a natural form of carbohydrate (sugar) and are responsible for providing cells with energy and structural integrity.

Q3. Sugar!? So... can a diabetic take Cortaflex?

A. Cortaflex does contain natural, bioavailable saccharides but, in terms of dietary specification, each capsule has less than 1 calorie of energy, less than 1g of carbohydrates and the sugar content is nil. However, if you are a diabetic, we would always recommend that you check with your doctor before taking Cortaflex.

Q4. Do I have to take Cortaflex at a specific time each day?

A. No you don't. However, most people find it better to do so, as part of a regular routine.

Q5. What if I forget to take Cortaflex for a day?

A. Don't worry, just take your daily capsule(s) as soon as you remember and carry on as normal.

Q6. How effective is Cortaflex in treating Arthritis?

A. Because Cortaflex is not a licensed drug, we are not allowed to give a direct answer to that... What we can say is that there are two main types of arthritis - osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form and is caused by the breakdown of cartilage, usually through wear and tear, injury or old(er) age. It is a degenerative condition (degenerative joint disease). It is a mechanical abnormality. Cortaflex helps the body make repairs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which causes painful swelling in the joints. It is the body's immune system attacking the body's own tissues, causing inflammation. The cause of this is still not known but Cortaflex is not as effective in its treatment.

Q7. How quickly will I feel the benefit from Cortaflex?

A. Most people will notice a difference within about a week but, we are all different with different severity of symptoms, so for some it may take a little longer.

Q8. What is the "loading period"?

A. Everyone recommends that you take double the normal dose for the first 7-14 days - this is the loading period. It ensures that your body gets the maximum benefit from the active ingredients and it is the fastest way of getting results.

Q9. Can I increase the recommended dose?

A. Yes. Many people have found benefit in increasing the daily dose for a short time before, during or after a period of extra stress to their joints or if their condition has deteriorated.

Q10. Can I reduce the dose?

A. Cortaflex is very effective and once you have felt consistent improvement in your condition it is always worth trying a reduced dose. For example, instead of taking Cortaflex every day, try missing out one day in four, or one day in three. By experimenting in this way, many people can find the optimum dose to take without noticing a worsening in their condition - this improves the cost effectiveness and saves you money!

Q11. Are there any side effects?

A. Being an entirely natural dietary supplement, there have never been any reported/confirmed side effects of taking Cortaflex.

Q12. Can I take Cortaflex along with prescribed medicine or other supplements?

A. Cortaflex should not interfere with other medicines or supplements that you may be taking. However, we would always recommend that you consult your doctor to get confirmation of this. You should also consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding before taking Cortaflex.

Q13. How long can I take Cortaflex for?

A. Natural ingredients: no known side effects: vary the dose to make it as economical as possible (see Q9): - there is no limit to how long you can take Cortaflex for. Keep taking it, keep feeling better.

Q14. How much Glucosamine does one capsule of Cortaflex contain?

A. Shock! NONE! Why would it? Watch the animation on our main Cortaflex page - molecules of Glucosamine (and Chondroitin for that matter!) are too big to pass through cell walls. You swallow them - and they go straight through your body and out... we will stop there... not wanting to be too lavatorial! The success and proven effectiveness of Cortaflex is due to the small molecular size of the ingredients in the unique formulation.

Q15. How much Chondroitin does one capsule of Cortaflex contain?

A. None! See Q14.

Q16. I am on a low sodium diet. What is the salt content?

A. Cortaflex contains no salt whatsoever.

Q17. What else doesn't Cortaflex contain?

A. Cortaflex capsules contain NO sugar, NO salt, NO gluten.

Q18. How effective is Cortaflex in reducing joint pain?

A. See Q6

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