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Canine Cortaflex and Cortaflex Working Dog

Give your old, stiff dog a new lease of life with products that really work...

Canine Cortaflex Products

Canine Cortaflex Working Dog - 90g Powder

Canine Cortaflex Working Dog Powder

Not just for working dogs but also older dogs and those who's joints need extra help!

With glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid for joint structure and lubrication, Cortaflex Working Dog also contains b-2Cool® a natural ingredient that provides native type II collagen which is the core structural protein of cartilage and makes cartilage more resistant to damage. It also helps regulate the immune response which can often degrade joints further. b-2Cool® is endorsed by 3 scientific studies.

Cortaflex Working Dog also contains manganese and vitamin C which aid structural tissue development and contribute, as antioxidants, in soothing irritation and AquaLOX® boswellia - the world's most powerful and most effective botanical for soothing sore and aching joints. Backed by numerous scientific trials, AquaLOX® boswellia contains exceptionally high levels of AKBA (Alpha Keto Boswellic Acid), the key component recognised for its incredible results.

A more powerful formulation for quick results.

Order 2 or more bottles of ANY Canine or Human product for FREE UK DELIVERY!

Small dogs (up to 20kg): Add 1.5g to feed (60 day supply)
Large dogs (over 20kg) : Add 3g to feed (30 day supply)

3gm measure included.

Canine Cortaflex Working Dog
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Order 2 or more bottles of ANY Cortaflex product (includes Human) for FREE UK DELIVERY

Canine & Feline Cortaflex - 60 capsules

Canine Cortaflex Capsules

Due to the unprecedented success of Cortaflex Canine Powder (shown above)
Canine Capsules are no longer being manufactured.


Also available - Human Cortaflex | Equine Cortaflex

Canine Cortaflex HA Capsules

Canine Cortaflex HA Capsules

The power of Canine & Feline Cortaflex HA in a convenient capsule form. For the maintenance of healthy joints for dogs and cats. Dosage - small dogs and cats one a day, large dogs 2 a day. 60 capsules in each bottle.

This is the original Cortaflex for dogs and cats and is tried and trusted by 1000's of owners (and their pets!) worldwide - however, in cases of more severe wear & tear and joint stiffness try the even more powerful Canine Cortaflex Working Dog - below...

Canine Cortaflex Working Dog

The most advanced Cortaflex for dogs yet!

Combines glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronaic acid, b-2Cool® (native type II collagen), manganese, vitamin C and AKBA (Alpha Keto Boswellic Acid) for the ultimate care of your dog's joints.

Description: Canine Cortaflex - Capsules, or Working Dog powder for the maintenance of your dogs healthy joints. Ingredients, dosage, hyaluronic acid, HA, Canine Joint Care.

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